5 Time-Saving Tools For Content Marketing Strategy

5 Time-Saving Tools For Content Marketing Strategy

Tools are very essential to ensure consistent and quality content. So as to enable scaling of your site, you must use the tools. There are numerous tools and tips available for content marketing. All the tools assure to save our precious time.

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    The impact of content created by using the tool has raised importance and demand of such tools. We have researched such tools and tips to use those tools. Here is the list of such helping tools which will give you a hand for content marketing. With the increase of content marketing, these are the must have tools for you.


Percolate is a tool which provides a real time platform for content marketing. Percolate sources, curates and schedule your blog content. You can share your content on social web with the Percolate tool. It uses insight and gives you suggestions to create new content. Percolate users can share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Tumblr and other social media networks. Big corporate brands uses this tool to manage their content sharing on social web. You can also find out topic of interest of your target audience. After finding out such topic you can then promote it on social channels. To get more information, watch this video.
Percolate Tool For Content Marketing Strategy


LookBookHQ tool gives a platform for visual storytelling. LookBookHQ can improve your content marketing by including visual factors in it. You can add web pages, images, files and videos in your content with LookBookHQ tool.  Content will be displayed like Pinterest board. You can also add annotations for images in your content. You can exercise your analytic by measuring engagement of audience with your content.
LookBookHQ Tool For Content Marketing Strategy


UberFlip can help you to own a domain name like flipboard or slideshare. UberFlip has a responsive interface. It curates the content in all the formats like video to social to PDF. This conversion functionality is built in the hub. This hub is customized for performing action on call. By using UberFlip you can create ‘best answer’ hub for your brand. To get more information, watch this video.
UberFlip Tool For Content Marketing Strategy


Contently is a marketplace for journalists. It connects brands that have access to numerous newspapers and magazines. It also includes managing tools for creating contents, payments and workflows. This tool offers a platform for freelancer where they can get more work. Employers can higher good talent through such platform. You can get content creation tool in the form of contently. It also has the features of workflow tools, distribution, publishing and also sponsorships. To get more information, watch this video.
Contently Tool For Content Marketing Strategy

Little Bird

Little Bird is a tool which is an influencer and can serve content engagement. It is a platform which helps companies to find out the real influencers and subscribers for any topic. It can also engage them with any topic. To get more information, watch this video.
Little Bird Tool For Content Marketing Strategy
You can install these tools to make your hard job easier. This is a researched list of tools which includes tips for using them. With the need and importance of content marketing you have to monetize and manage your content. These tools will help you to do so. You can easily do content marketing with these tools.

Now its your turn, Which tool is most helpful for you? Any addition or suggestion? Please leave your comments.

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