Promote Your Company’s Social Media Message With GaggleAMP.

Promote Your Company’s Social Media Message With GaggleAMP.
Promote your company’s social media message with GaggleAMP.Of course, you are seeking some new techniques of promoting your business and brands. Although with the emergence of internet, it is quite easy to spread information. Social media websites are easy way to reach target customers. Not everyone can use these websites in effective way to produce more and more business. Many marketers explain their arguments in the way that if only your employees share your social media postings, it would be more chances to reach higher amount of target customers. If you have greater amount of employees in your house, it is easier for you to use social media websites for your company by simply applying web application GaggleAMP.


is a web platform which allow you to spread your social media message with participation of your employees, customers, partners and fans’ social media networks. This application is more applicable for B2B companies as compare to B2C companies because they have large sales force. Sales force is like potential army force who is internal advocate of company which ultimately helps company to generate leads. Not only employees, with this application, you can use your partners, loyal customers and fan to share your social media message.
Just you have to do is signup to GaggleAMP and create a “Gaggle”. Gaggle is a network of people, who participate in sharing, tweeting and posting company’s social media message. With GaggleAMP, a company can share the message, analyze the results and manage engagement efforts. After creating Gaggle, invite other members, you wish to include in your Gaggle. After accepting the invitation, employees then authorize their social networks to share desire message. GaggleAMP automatically sends notification to Gaggle’s members when new content is available to share. Even a point reward system is available for those who are good sharers. It means the person share more messages on behalf of company, he will get more points.
On GaggleAmp, you can invite peoples to participate in your sharing campaigns. You can add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and feed burner accounts to spread message on social media websites. GaggleAMP also allow you to tracks your activities, and also make possible for you to check the impact and ROI for every message and campaign you run.
B2B companies have more brand advocates in shape or employees and partners. GaggleAMP is helpful in organizing relevant information share among all the employees. GaggleAMP reduce the liability of sharing message to each employee. GaggleAMP can automatically send notification to the participants. Moreover, employees and organization can have more control over message.

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