Social Media Championship; WWE is a The Champion of Twitter

Being social is necessity of our life and every individual want to make friends and want to be social at every stage of his life. Now due to increasing trend and broader scope of marketing activities, every business also need to be social. Technology helps us in this stage. On internet, Social media websites are now used to fulfill this need.
World’s social media giant Twitter helps to convey the business information to customers. In latest marketing strategy, businesses are now adoption social media strategy as well. A very good example of implementation of social media strategy or use of social media marketing, we can see in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a powerhouse not only in the ring, but on Twitter as well.
WWE has over 8.22 million followers on its main account and WWE is also now included top-100 most followed brands on Twitter. This increased the revenue of WWE than by any other marketing strategy. This is the power of social media.
It is well said by researchers that any entertainment brand that do not try to interact with its fans is actually missing a huge opportunity of getting closer to its fans. Especially in sports, it is most important for a brands to provide proper place to their fans where they get notify about upcoming events or games. The WWE, using Twitter, is now interacting with their huge fan base.
Let me tell you how WWE keeps its fans busy with it on Twitter:

Fans can vote during live wrestling match

When any entertainment company or brand allows to its brand to vote for something during live action, it makes his fans empowered and they feel that they are very much important for the company in the future decision making. WWE use this activity very effectively by allowing their fans to vote in live show.
WWE does it through #RAWACTIVE, this system includes selection of team partners, match selection and many more. For example during a WWE Raw in September, fans voted, using #RAWACTIVE, for two wrestlers, Kane and Daniel Bryan and select hug it out instead of fight. With RAWACTIVE WWE allows its fans to choose whatever they want. It feels that the WWE does actually know how to give the audience what the majority of them want.
With the help of RAWACTIVE, during Raw, WWE might ask you to tweet #CAGEMATCH, #STREETFIGHT or #2OUTOF3FALLS to determine the requirement of a match. WWE also display its fans interesting comments during the live show. This increased huge fans, which the WWE clearly seems to understand.

Separate Account for every Superstar

Although WWE’s main account following is huge, but individual superstars of WWE also have millions of thousands of fans, for example JOHN CENA, who has more than 8,7 million followers, Daniel Bryan, who has 2,93 million followers, and Zack Ryder crosses the limit of 1,9 million followers.
One biggest thing that only Twitter offer among all other social media website is directly interacting with celebrities or reaching personal data of celebrities, that’s why top eight most followed accounts on Twitter belong to celebrities.
Whether WWE fans select to interact with CENA or KANE WWE knows that people are interested in Brand’s superstars. Creating an account for every single star is smart work and it goes in the favor of WWE.

Twitter’s Promotion in live events

From the start of Social media era, WWE continuously promote Twitter during its live shows. Twitter also give some information live for example trending worldwide, this information tell us that what is current trend on twitter and during live WWE shows most of the time what happened in live event is trend of that time.
Whenever a wrestler enter in the ring, his Twitter handle is obviously featured next to his name on the screen of WWE Arena. WWE’s strategy is clear and operative, providing a technique to his fans with allowing them to interact live on the seat in the live show. Throughout the live show, if anyone trending worldwide display on the front screen.
The WWE’s Twitter works for a number of reasons: It is interactive, personal, empowering, and engaging. WWE is using Twitter to empower its fan, keeping engage its fans and also allowing its fan to interact with superstars.
Cross Promotion is going to adopt in this manner. Twitter is helping WWE to promote its business worldwide like I’m talk about WWE in the city of Pakistan far away from the WWE. Twitter is helping to generate WWE universe all around the world. WWE is also promoting Twitter and also generating user of Twitter in its live events. All the WWE fans are now one Twitter because of liking discuss about WWE on Twitter.

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