What is Sensory Marketing? How to Use It?

what is sensory marketing? how to use sensory marketing?Marketing is considered to be the most essential discipline of all, as said and supported by many writers and thinkers. It is believed that without this discipline no business can run. As said, Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation (Milan Kundera). Marketing is the discipline concerned in finding the needs and demands of individuals and finding out the way to fulfill them. Such can be achieved by having more reach in customer demand, the more the reach marketers have, the better they understand their consumers and chances to be successful in marketing activities increases (Zamora, 2006). It means that this leaves an opportunity for a business to fulfill demands even better than its competitors. One major factor that plays a key role in understanding the demand of consumer is the customer perception. 



Perception of the consumer is his way of interpreting, understanding and then perceiving everything that involves the offering. The perception is the process through which consumers gather knowledge about the product this process is accomplished by five human senses:  sight, smell, taste, touch and auditory sense. These senses are called sensory organs or the receptors they further consists of three parts stimulant, senses and experiences (Zamora, 2006) These senses make up the memory of the individual and the experiences which are stored in the mind these experiences help individuals or customers to develop an attitude toward an offering. 

Sensory Marketing

Marketing has entered up into a new era highlighting many new domains which are still to be explored, of which one flashing issue is sensory marketing, which our topic of study too. Sensory marketing concerns of the point that people or individuals perceive world as a result of senses they grasp from around. Sensory marketing is the activity of identifying the consumers’ interpretation, their understanding and response towards any object or product. Such activities are conducted to help in designing the product and drafting the communicating way of brand to the consumers. Marketers who use sensory stimuli appropriately are capable of influencing the behaviors of their consumers (Soars, 2009). 

Service Industry

It has been noticed that sensory marketing is becoming a driving strategy in service industry (Goldkunhyl and Stevyn, 2007). For example many people have been attracted by the aroma emitting from any bakery or coffee shop, the color of any restaurant or the delighting or energetic music played by the hotels. These are the separate variables that are attracted by the senses of consumers. When these stimuli are added up together to present the whole of the environment makes up the gestalt situation. The holistic concept reveals the ideas that people psychologically interpret and perceive their environment as a whole instead of grabbing information in an isolated manner. It can be said that they look for products that intriguer their all of the five senses in one composition, the one that arouses them and appears to be pleasurable, as a whole instead of its components.

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