Top 10 Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas: Successful Strategies

Top 10 Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas: Successful Strategies To Win In the Food MarketPlenty of people around the world are having breakfast, lunch or dinner in restaurants every day. Most of them are not only going there for food but also for special occasions. This might be wedding preparation, lunch meeting, business informal discussion, coming round for a drink, special banquet, daily routine discussion, family meeting, serious conversation, etc. People come there to communicate, find a special atmosphere that helps them relax, concentrate, find a quiet place, find interesting people around, to take a break while enjoying dishes with drinks.

What makes your restaurant so special? The following 10 tips will help restaurant owners, investors, and freshers to realize which details are important for making every place profitable with a huge queue every evening.

People want to make a photo of dishes and drinks

10 Best Restaurant Marketing IdeasDon’t be poor on decorative materials but don’t waste means on cheap plastic frippery. Slice of lime on a cocktail is much more attractive than a plastic imitation of flower or umbrella.  Don’t forget to put some flax seeds to the green salad which make it look not only beautiful but also very healthy and packed with vitamins. Put some almond seed on the same plate with a desert and make it more attractive.
The best decision for the cafeteria, coffee house, or food house is to hire a food stylist or food decorator. The mania of making food photos became very popular lately. Some girls are asking for a certain cocktail just to make a new stylish photo for Instagram. Why not make ads of this? Think of the cocktail not only as a drink but also as a hot chilling new photo in front of the beautiful and satisfied smile of the visitor who will grant you with checkout at your place and free attractive adds. Gradients are very trendy lately so don’t hurry up to mix it with a cold soda, let it create a masterpiece of spotlessness and condensate dew on the glass.

Healthy brand

More and more people are becoming one of those who prefer a healthy lifestyle. This is a new brand of well-being which includes food, drinks, sports, running, walking, apps tracking all of this, sports type and convenient clothing and shoes, racing shoes in everyday life, detox, organic cosmetics and of course vegan or vegetarian food. The last point demands the special attention of the cooks in restaurants and other food places. This trend demands every menu to have a vegetarian section. It is often a problem when a company of vegans and non-vegans are trying to find some place for dinner or to hang out.
Vegetarians or vegans can’t be satisfied with a salad. To make them happy, include:
  • Tofu and dishes which include it.
  • Falafel balls (it’s not only for Jewish people).
  • Hummus and other dishes with chickpeas.
  • Textured soy protein.
  • Green cocktails and smoothies without milk
  • Almond milk, soy milk and other organic types of milk.
  • Coconut milk.
  • Freshly made juice.
This list attracts those people who are following a healthy lifestyle, stylish healthy brand and those who are trying to do so or looking for something new and nontraditional. The best decision for every menu is fresh fruit dishes and salads. A slice of dragon fruit makes the organic food much more attractive and profitable from the point of view described in the first recap.

Blog and photos

Do not forget about the necessity to share novelties in this business. The blog can be written in any style and share any interesting information about the place, food industry, drinks, health, taste and other. It is not recommended to fulfill it with advertising posts. Any post must share well-known information, add something new (which is usually forgotten old) and share news, photos and achievements of your place. The best decision is to use business essay writing service with professional writers who won’t only keep your blog updated but also keep the interest of your visitors and competitors.
Don’t forget to show off your staff. Hire professional photographer and share pictures of the restaurant workers in your blog. Pictures in motion or gifs will do the best. Who doesn’t what to know how it’s made? It is not necessary to share commercial confidentiality of cooking but show it off as a beautiful art. The same will do for visitors. Many people will come to your place knowing that they will find their professional photos on your blog later.

Promotions and special deals

Free drink for check-in, a desert for reposts, -30% for cocktails after pm and other attractive hot deals are very useful and really work. Make flyers allowing to have a 50% discount, people will find your place everywhere, even far from home with this flyer. This deal works best for new places and restaurants. Once they try it they won’t be able to stop coming back. Those tiny little attractions also allow people to think that the offer is beneficial while you gain new clients.
Some restaurants give people free drinking water on the streets in summer and offer them to have lunch or a break with ice cream. Many of them agree to have one after a pleasant invitation. Other places offer free drinks together with a dinner but the second and third drink he’ll certainly buy.
It is important to use correct promotion moves. Bad promotion can play a low-down trick with a food marketplace. An example of bad promotion is a big scary bear in front of a pub walking around and giving hugs to those who doesn’t really want it or feel scared and awkward. A man won’t take his fiance to the place with a hot waitress. This type of promotion only scares visitors out.

Party time

Having a party time is the best occasion for going out. People are crazy about having a dinner at a fancy place on St. Valentine’s Day, when everything is decorated with hearts and cute bears, Christmas and New Year when there is a nice band playing nice music, relationship anniversary, bridal shower, wedding anniversary, Birthday party and other. People are going out of home for dinner because they are looking for new emotions. They want to have a plenty of fancy photos in beautiful dresses, try new dishes which they haven’t tried before, meet friends at a unique partying atmosphere.
The best option is to hire an art director, decorator and other staff for such occasions. It depends on the stylistics and size of the place. Professional art director together with a decorator is able to create this unique atmosphere most people are looking for at party time by means of musicians, flowers, special dishes, fancy or free drinks. They know exactly what people expect to receive at their special day.

Stay social

Being a socila is benefical for every business, same in our case. Here are tips how to be more social?

Instagram in the food market

Having up to five posts every day at Instagram is a must for every fashionable restaurant and coffee shop. It is much better to have all five thematically oriented pics of coffee but much better to post every cute pic you can take. A cloud, a flower, a new haircut of your bartender will do. Stay social and positive, let people live the life of your place instead of posting professional pictures of every dish on the menu which is boring and not attractive for Instagramers.

Facebook is a part of successful strategy

Facebook plays a role of informal guest book. Everyone can find the page of your restaurant and like it. Here they must find the description of every dish and drink together with a professional stylish photo of it, photos of your halls and places, fascinating pictures of every party that took place in the restaurant showing smiled and happy faces of your visitors. Make your future clients decide everything online. Let them pick the table and the food before they enter a place itself.

WhatsApp, Telegram and other

Many places use those chatters to create an additional promotion.  This works best for places with a high stream of people. For owners of bakeries, cold cocktail shops in summer, coffee shops, mulled wine shops in winter it is better to inform regular customers about hot deals or discounts via WhatsApp, Telegram or other popular chatter. Please note that this won’t work for fashionable restaurants aimed at the special business audience.

Don’t waste your time and hire a community manager

Taking into account that social networks are your informal visit card and guest book, it is crucial to hire a person who follows it and answers all questions of your visitors. Very often a client finds FB page to ask for more details on dishes, tables, drinks, prices etc, or to leave some request. Many people are trying to arrange a table online. Some of them want to figure out a cost of the dinner or specify the availability of special deals. Someone should take care of online clients. The community manager will increase the flow of customers from social networks.

Interior design

10 best restaurant marketing ideasMost of the restaurants attract with its beautiful interior and outer design. Some restaurants attract with their landscape designs, gardens or terraces. Many people are looking for extra convenient couches instead of hard chairs after a long day so no matter how rich and tasty your menu is, sometimes you’ll lose just because of chairs.
For example, some people prefer wooden interior design taking into account that it became popular lately among public places and apartments.

10 best restaurant marketing ideas
10 best restaurant marketing ideas

Attract special visitors

Think about your clientele: what kind of people are walking around every day? What do they do? What do they eat? What do they love? The best advice here is to sit and observe for a couple of days, listen to conversations, read your visitors and try to understand them in order to give them what they need.
When you find out that most people are coming around to work with a laptop then set up sockets near every table. A good decision is to have a few laptops for rent and various types of chargers. Tell waiters not to disturb clients very often and create a convenient atmosphere for work. Of course, stable high-quality Wi-Fi is a must.
People and owners of food marketplaces are trying to be super special having cats who walk around visitors. This will certainly attract cat loving auditory, which becomes very profitable lately, and also kids. Cats can be taken from the animal shelter and taken care of. The same works for rabbits, dogs, fish, monkeys and any other pets which will be taken care of. In this case, it is better to divide your hall into two parts with and without animals to satisfy the needs of the most visitors.
Places for parents are also meant to be. What can be better for a young couple with a baby than a possibility to have a cup of tea while your animators or nurses are babysitting? There is a plenty of young pairs who have a baby and hire a babysitter to go out for an hour or so. Wouldn’t it be better to find babysitter right in the place they want to go with a possibility to check your beloved angel every five minutes?

Why restaurant business fails? Here is great Article: Why McDonald failed in Bolivia?

Brand identity

Once you created a fashionable restaurant with a great name you can create whatever you want within this brand name. The best example is HardRock Café whose T-shirts are recognizable all over the world. Think, what type of product can be sold within the name? Is it designed furniture with coating? Maybe it is decorations for rent? Probably the brand name can publish an own magazine or represent own gallery? It depends on the brand identity or in other words on the main idea of the business.

Quality is the best ad

None of the previously mentioned strategies will work without the highest quality of products. This is the most important rule which every young enterprise must memorize. Marketing buzz works best and brings the highest level of clients. Only the quality, taste, uniqueness of dishes together with other listed above aspects create an impression that is hard not to share. The shared impression is the key of marketing buzz. The question that you should ask your marketer is how to impress your auditory and make it share the impression.

Got any questions? Or maybe, have something to add? Please leave a comment below and tell us what you’re thinking. Cheers 🙂

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