LinkedIn: Where Professionals Meet Professionals

LinkedIn: Where Professionals Meet Professionals
LinkedIn is a social media platform where people socialize professionally. LinkedIn is providing cool place to meet your colleagues, customers, recruiters and future employees. LinkedIn community can be easily appraised through statistical report which explains the importance of Professional social media platform. Now typically LinkedIn users use this platform as a job hunting portal, training hunting and business partner finder. Large enterprises find relevant prospects through LinkedIn and contact them directly, offer them an interview and most of the time offer them job too.

Stats About LinkedIn_

  • It is estimated that there are 450 million active users LinkedIn. (DMR Stats)
  • 4 million business pages are running by professionals on LinkedIn by the end of September 2014. (DMR Stats)
  • 2.1 million groups are available on LinkedIn to engage with your desire topics.
Unlike other social media websites, LinkedIn is not entertainment platform. LinkedIn is a good option to expand your professional network.

Tips to Use LinkedIn_

Following tips are very helpful to increase your LinkedIn network and grow in professional world.
Users having less than 500 connections can easily double their connections with no time.’
  1. Very first point, check your LinkedIn profile daily and update your status daily. Your status can be interesting facts, your blog posts, interesting presentations or any article of your niche and industry you are working in.
  2. Start new discussion or participate old one in any of your favorite LinkedIn group weekly.
  3. Influencers are very important in professional network. Try to connect with them and keep asking questions or answering their questions. LinkedIn also provide a feature that you can follow anyone. Follow influencers and get connected.
  4. Groups on LinkedIn are very helpful to connect your industry relevant professionals. Find the most relevant LinkedIn groups of your interest and be active on it.
  5. For increasing your contacts, send one new invite daily. Do it professionally and personalize your invitation. LinkedIn provide you standard default invitation request but don’t use it. Be unique and personalize it according to your need and contact.
  6. The better way to contact with other is to give them your contact information. Display your every contact information prominently to everyone and allow them to contact you by any means so that more people reach to you.
  7. An interesting feature available only in LinkedIn is Endorsement. Every connection on LinkedIn has some expertise. Endorse people you know for their skills with no expectation of exchange can give you better response.
  8. LinkedIn is a better place to display your resume online. So it is good for you to make sure that every potential employer has access to your resume. Promote your LinkedIn profile on every possible platform. Promote it on Facebook, Twitter. Include your LinkedIn URL in your email signature; place it on your visiting card and on your website/blog.
  9. Twitter is above all in all social media websites. Try to be active on twitter and tweet your LinkedIn updates to twitter regularly.
  10. Online presence can increase your professional credibility. Include links to your blog and website in your LinkedIn profile. This activity will help you shape credibility by displaying your full online presence.
Got any questions? Or maybe, have something to add? Please leave a comment below and tell us what you’re thinking. Cheers 🙂

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