19 things You Must KNOW before going for Job Interview

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Did you know that on average, every job opening attract 250 resumes, and only 2% candidates received interview call (Inc.com).

If you received an interview call, do not waste this opportunity. It is dream for everyone to get his favorite job. You are one of them.

Job Interview

You worked hard and at last get a chance to set in front of interviewers in your favorite company.

You have received a call saying “You have been short listed for an interview. Your interview has been scheduled on…………. Now it’s time to prepare you for interview.

Success will depend on the knowledge you have.

Here are 19 important aspects you must know before going for interview:

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1. General Knowledge about the Company

Source: you can get general knowledge about company through its website, social networking
profiles of company and employees working for company.

2. Products and Services

Source: Company website and catalogs are best source of information about products and services offer by the company.

3. Competition

Source: Best source to know the competitors of company is internet. When you know the nature of business, you can Google that who other working in same industry.

4. Company vis-à-vis Competition

Source: Best way to know that company face to face against its competitors is its website. Projects done by the company can give you insight how well company is performing within industry.

5. The general Economy Affecting the Company and Industry

Source: Information regarding economy can be gathered through, internet, websites of ministries websites and journals.

6. Historical Growth of the Company

Source: Balance sheets, financial data can be good source of historical growth of the company. If balance sheets and other financial data are not published, do contact existing employees to get insight.

7. Long and Short Term Goals

Source: Long and short term goals can be seen on websites and catalogs.

8. Profile of the Customers

Source: You can get inform about customers served by the company through its website or employees. By reviewing business nature, you will know who the customers are.

9. Suppliers

Source: Although this is confidential information but still you should have an idea about company’s suppliers. You can get information about suppliers by asking from internal employees.

10. Creditors

Source: You also have to know who the creditors of company are. Internal employees are best source of this information.

11. Mission Statement

Source: Mission statement always written on business’s website and main catalog.

12. Vision

Source: Vision statement always written on business’s website and main catalog.

13. Driving Values

Source: Values can be found on website and catalog next to mission and vision statement.

14. Styles of Management

Source: I it important to know that which management style is followed within company i.e. autocratic or Democratic. Internal employees are the Source of this information.

15. Who-is-Who and What-is-What in the Company

Source: This information is critical and gives you clear picture of whole company. Internal employee with higher rank can be the best source for this information.

16. Key Decision Makers

Source: Who made final decisions? Internal or ex-employees are the source of this information.

17. Strengths & Weaknesses

Source: By reviewing company website, catalog and other available documents, you can get idea about strengths and weaknesses. Standing position of company within particular industry and comparison with competitors can also give this piece of information.

18. Opportunities and Challenges

Source: Studying industry situation and marketing situation, you can have good view about available opportunities for company and challenges.

19. Role of the Company as Responsible Corporate Citizen

Source: Every company participate in events to facilitate environment and society. Company publish this type of information in magazines, social networking websites and personal website. You can get information from these sources.

All these aspects are critical and a candidate must have some information about them. Study carefully company website, social networking profiles, prospectus, catalog and industry related magazines and websites.

Which information, according to you, is most important before going to Job Interview? Share this important information to your friends, colleagues and class mates.

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