11 Marketing Tools for Home-Based Businesses!

Simple marketing tools for home based business

Be your own boss! A simple quote can change your entire life. The very first step is to start your own home-based business either small or large but just take initiative. Everyone wants a health, wealthy, save and secure life. Working for others can give you big reward but consume huge amount of your precious time and sometime your relations too. Starting business is although a difficult job but as per my opinion, your own small home-based business can give you some advantages over paid employees. You can spend more time with your family, parents and children. You can enjoy your limitless vocation. You can fulfill your dreams and eliminate debts. Above all you can save a lot for rainy days. Above discussed reasons are attractive, healthy and enough to drive you toward starting up new business.

Home-based business can be a successful initiative with the help of some basic marketing strategies. One thing must to be kept in mind here is that only your efforts and your perfect marketing strategies can help you launching business successfully. There are some quick tricks that can help he setting up active home-based business.

A Business Website

Your very first goal is to tell other what you are doing. It is beyond you financial budget to traditionally advertise your business. The best method is to build website for your business. Your business website will be your electronic brochure. Give complete information about what are you doing? How are you doing? What is your product? Who is your customer? Provide every detail in attractive, intuitive and clear manners. Always try to keep your website well organized and informative. Remember, must include your contact info so your target customer can easily reach you.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Use of Social Media Marketing Tools is essential for your home-based business. Social media websites Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are free available platforms to connect to target customers and very helpful to identify the likes and dislikes of your target customers. Use many social media platforms as you can to reach maximum prospects and facilitate them. Social media websites are also best way of spreading business information. Use many way and then analyze which one is more effective for your business. 


Advertising on internet is essential for home-based business because of low cost. You just need to collect email addresses of your potential customers. Launch an e-newsletter program. Create a monthly email newsletter, and spread it into customers’ inbox. Don’t try to send junk or spam emails to your customers. Your valueless practice will exhaust your potential customer and eventually you will face decline sales. Send e-newsletters to those who have signed up in your program to receive information from you. There are many tools and templates available on internet free or low cost that can help you to initiate, develop, and manage this program i.e.  Silverpopand VerticalResponse.

Local Listing

With the emergence of internet, customers prefer to search offline as well as online before making purchase. This is the time to grab the customer. List your business in local search websites and directories. There are numbers of e-directories available for example www.phonebook.com.pk. This will help you to reach your potential customers.


If you are running services based business then blogging will be great tool for you to interact with your customers. Blogging practice can attract potential customers by showing industry expertise. You can share relative posts on your blogging platform to express your ideas, news, information and case studies. Blogging software WordPressor Web-based publishing tool Bloggercan help you to create your own business blog. You can share your posts on industry relevant blog by asking them for mutual benefit. 

Affiliate Programs

As you are short budget business, so you must keep your programs low cost. Use affiliate programs to market your brands. Affiliate marketing programs are cost effective and can handle easily. Affiliate marketing programs basically involve hiring a commission based virtual sales force to market and sell your brands, and business services. This will increase your brand awareness, potential leads, and will boost monthly sales. Many online affiliate programs are available for small and medium home based businesses. Through online affiliate marketing programs, you will taste the benefits of a commission-based sales force without the trouble of handling employees.


Paid advertisement the definitely essential but another hot tool to advertise your business is getting mentioned in the media by others. This can help you convincing customers to patronize your business. Creating effective press release is basic step; proper research should be done in this step and then identifies the appropriate media for your press release whether that’s newspapers, radio and television outlets, or blogs.

Leverage business to business opportunities 

In order to gain more attraction from potential customers, you need to focus on strategies how you can reach them? An easy way to reach more customers is capture more touch points. There are many other businesses which may relate to your business and can help you getting high attention. Partnering with other businesses is essential for small size home based business. Other business can help you introducing your brands and services to their customers. In return you will introduce their products to your customers. For example, if you are running business of hand me jewelry, you could collaborate with other fashion stores for displaying your products on their stores. You can start different offers to promote your products on those stores.     

Case Studies

All you need is to spread your business information to your customers in any way. People around us like to buy those brands which are very acceptable to everyone. For this purpose you can you your case studies. Case studies are not just for academic purposes or for scientific use, routine customer also prefer these rumors to investigate about brands. Studies of your brands in action can really help potential clients understand how your business can value them and it will allow them to take educated decisions before they shop.

Public speaking

Speaking about different topics related to your brands and services will help you connecting your audience effectively. People love to listen to your when you speak in their favor. Relate your products and services to their problems and get more attention. Speak to audience at local platform like magazines, trade associations, business events or any other place where you believe you can target your customers. 


Your core objective should be satisfaction of your customers. If your customer is satisfied his experience will help you building brand equity. Customers always share their experience with others. Their good experience will ultimately create referral for you. Always try to provide excellent customer service to generate high satisfaction so if customer speaks anyone about you, he must speak only good. You can create different offers for encouraging your customers to refer you to their friends, family members and colleagues.

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