How to Improve Search Engine Ranking? 5 Most Important Factors to consider

If you are working with website, surely you are working with search engine optimization. Most important task of your whole work is to improve search engine ranking, isn’t it? I can give you a clue that there are lot of fake information about SEO are spinning around the whole world. Listen achieving high rank in search engine result is not a game of child. You have to do lot of things for it. I am also not say that it is impossible, the main thing is you have to focus on your work. Complete Marketing Blog (

By analyzing so many websites and searching on internet, I have found top ranked websites with some factors in common. What are they? I am going to share with you and explain you that how these factors help search engine to rank the website at high level. Complete Marketing Blog (

At very first, factor, according to me, is anchor text of all inbound links. Google and all other search engine use the anchor text from all the sites those are linked to your website to determine what you site is about and where it should be ranked. If you use only your website’s URL and no keyword in anchor text then it is not sufficient. The link should always appear with your most important keywords. Put you keyword in anchor text and do it with proper manners. Complete Marketing Blog (

The second most important factor to improve the search engine ranking is use of Keywords in your title tag and other Meta tags. Although now criteria of evaluation of search engine ranking is extremely different and Meta tags have very minimal value in it but still they are valuable and we cannot afford to ignore them.  They are effective in categorizing your page and identifying what search engines should expect to find when they crawl on your web site pages. Make sure that your all tags are properly constructed with keywords that are main keywords of your website. Complete Marketing Blog (
On the no. third, most important factor is your web site’s link popularity. The concept of link popularity of your web site have included many considerations. Main thing is to identify the quality of your links from external prospective. The largest factor that influences search engine rankings is the number and quality of links that are pointing to a web site or web page. Put quality content on your website and build external link so that you web site’s popularity increase. Complete Marketing Blog (
The next important factor for search engine ranking is diversity of domains. Diversity of domains means link to your web site. For many search engines, it’s not only what links you have to your site but making sure they are from different domains. This shows the popularity associated with your web site and therefore is judged to be a better search result. When link building, try to focus on generating inbound links from different websites. Comments on different domains means use on various domains like .org, .com, .in, .ph, (use all domains). Complete Marketing Blog (
The final factor for search engine ranking is keyword use in root URL. Try to use custom URL in order to improve search engine result. You keyword of your page or post in the URL. Although it’s possible to use subdomain or dedicated pages to get your keywords in a URL, nothing beats having them in your root domain. Complete Marketing Blog (
These are the most important and simple thing that you must do when you are working with SEO. All of these factors are important for improving search rankings. Do not try to ignore anyone of them because all factors are equally important and help you to improve search engine ranking. Complete Marketing Blog (

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