How To Follow Up Customer In B2B Selling?

How To Follow Up Customer In B2B Selling?

As businesses grow and more are coming up, the need to keep these business running in optimal conditions is pivotal for their well-being.  This is when businesses sometimes require the services of other businesses to help them cover these needs. An office company that sells tissues, for example, will not take care of maintenance of computer equipment but hire a specialized business to do so.  This is the core of Business to business deals, and these types of deals have a greater volume than the business-to-consumer(B2C) transactions.  This means that whatever other business a business is servicing, it must have follow-up plan for acquiring the deal first, and then keeping that deal.   
There are several marketing tools that can be used to follow up your customer in B2B dealing.  It will be noticed that there are not far from rules that are to be followed by any kind of business. Among others, the following may be considered:

<The first sell is the most important 

This is especially true since it is the first sale that will tell customers if the service offered really measures to a business´s needs.  It is to be kept in mind that B2B deals have the particularity of usually end up being long-term deals.  Keeping in mind the potential of this closing will be a detonator to offering a great good impression.  Once services are hired it is important to keep up with customer satisfaction. 

Fill in the white spots 

This is a strategy that requires some special marketing skills.  Businesses sometimes require services that they do not know, or have not realized they need.  It is within interest to first convince the potential customer that the service offered is needed or how will it be especially beneficial for the customer, and then kindly offer the services.  This is filling in the white spots.  Much success on B2B deals rely on this strategy to promote their services to other businesses.

Be timely and effective with delivery 

Structure is the key word here since most of the time when a business offers a service, it usually ends up not complying with the schedule due to taking orders that are too numerous to provide.  Late deliveries and failures to meet deadlines can prove a very powerful deterrent to maintaining a business relationship.  It is important then to have a structure of basic things such as verifying if the services stock is big enough to satisfy upcoming demand or if the business can handle a sudden flow of orders. 

Make your customer keep the principle of loyalty 

A happy customer is a loyal customer.  A happy customer is one that is always satisfied with the service being provided.  A good job done timely is a very effective marketing tool since this provides positive feedback from your customer.  A paid marketing campaign for your B2B deal is not as impacting as user´s generated content from the businesses you service.  

Email marketing 

Email still remains as the most targeted tool for marketing services.  It is important for a business letter to be effective at relaying a clear message of what are the services provided and how can a customer´s problem be solved.  Newsletters are important as they keep customers up-to-date with latest improvements and new services offered.  It is important to make sure that a marketing email has a professional look and appealing structure.
There are more follow-up strategies to closing and maintaining a B2B deal; the ones mentioned above are the most general. Usually, these strategies will depend on the kind of service a business is providing.

Got any questions? Or maybe, have something to add? Please leave a comment below and tell us what you’re thinking. Cheers 🙂

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