How to add blog/website to Google. (Google Webmaster Tools)

Google is most powerful search engine because of its continuously innovations, easiness and reliability.
In the world of search engines, people like Google because Google makes continuously some changes to increase the efficiency of search result and always try to show most reliable and valuable results. People who need to use search engine prefer Google.
People were use Yahoo, MSN and Bing first but with the passage of time, Google has become more popular and more reliable due to his easiness.

On the above reasons Google improves its search result efficiency by adopting different methods. One of these methods is Google Webmaster Tools. Web masters now uses these tools to improve their site/blog search results. When site/blog uploaded on Google Webmaster, site or blog’s search efficiency on Google increases.
Google Webmasters Tools contains all necessary information about your site/blog. You can easily SEO your website through Google Webmasters Tools.
Now question is how to upload site/blog on Google Webmaster? Here is the detailed method of uploading website on Google Webmaster.
Follow the stepsgiven below:

1. Very first go toGoogle WebmasterTools or type URL

2. Click Sign in to Webmaster Tools.
3. Now Sign in with your Gmail account. (If you already signed in with your Gmail account then no need of step 3)
4. When you have completed sign in process, you will see dashboard in front of you. Now click on Add a Site button placed on just top-right of your dashboard.
5. Now type your Blog/Site URL in text field and click on continue. For example my blog title is Complete Marketing Blog and my blog URL is 
6. Now next Google will ask you to verify your blog/site ownership. Google will offer you 3 or 4 options to verify your site ownership but HTML Tag is simplest method of verifying the blog/site.
For this, click onAlternate Methods, choose HTML Tagand copy the Meta tag code. You can see an example by clicking on show me an example. (Do not close the window before verification process)
7. Now for completing verification process Login to website and go to HTML section Blogger —> Dashboard —>Template—> Edit HTML and find the following code, (CTRL + F)
Now paste the copied Meta Tag code (Copy from Google Webmasters site) just below it and save your HTML.
8. Now comeback to Google Webmasters site and click on verify button. (Google Webmasters will now check your website/blog)
9. After verification, next step is add sitemap of your blog/site in Google Webmasters. (Important for verification process)
 Now go to Optimization–> Sitemaps. Then click on Add/Test a Sitemap button placed on the top right of your dashboard page.
10. After clicking on Add a Sitemap, you will be asked to enter the sitemap of your blog. The URL of your blog/site will be given already there and you just have to add the remaining part which is following:
feeds/posts/default?max-result=100     (if your site contain less than 100 posts)
After adding the above following code the complete code will look like this:
11. If your blog contains more than hundred posts then you may change the red code with the 200 like:
12. If your blog contains more than two hundred posts then you may change the red code with the 500 like:
At very Last thing it is very important to let you know that Google will take some time (approx. 24 hours) to index the contents of your sitemap.
13. Another URL you can put in the sitemaps for updated posts is:
 After adding above URL your complete URL will be like this
Complete above steps then Google will visit you and give you SEO for your blog/site. Google Webmaster tools helps you to identify how you can increase your search engine ranking.

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