Google Idea Factory: How Innovation is managed in World’s No. 1 Search Engine?

How innovation is managed in World's no. 1 search engine.Due to rapidly change in environment, Innovation is the core need of any organization. But the question is how an organization will use this equipment to get high rank in the ranking. Study shows that organizations those are involve in innovation get favorable response from the environment for example, and world’s no. 1 search engine Google. Innovation needs ideas and how to find creative and relevant ideas to the organization’s nature? This is the important task. Google has proper system to generate new and creative ideas.

For previous few years, Google appeared as the most innovative company on the globe of technology. Google came with lots of new and innovative products i.e. Google Drive, Google Wallet, Google News and acquisition of YouTube. 

Take Your Time…

Google found very interesting way to collect ideas. Google gives on full day in a week to its engineers to think and find new ideas no matter how far those ideas from the company’s range. Then main focus put on how to use them. If any found possibly executed, Google makes efforts for it. Google News arrived of this way. Anybody; yes anybody at Google can express his thoughts for new technologies of business on a list called “Idea mailing list” that is available in company wide. Another Google product “Google personalized home page” came out of it.


Brainstorming Sessions

Big Brainstorming is also made in Google for nearly 10 times in a year. Hundred engineers can join it. Six concepts took and discussed for ten minutes each. The goal is to get most relevant and profitable idea for the company. Although Google try to focus on the building technology in-house but it has also been willing of capture small business with creative ideas. In 2004, Google acquire a digital mapping company Keyhole Corporation and start offering Google maps with satellite imagery. 

(Article from the book of Strategic Marketing by David W. Cravens/ Nigel Piercy)

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