How to choose Creative Blog Name?

Writing a Blog Name that is more creative is a very first step of starting blog.

Choose a perfect name that is more relevant to your blog content.

The more you make efforts on searching and writing Creative Blog Name, the more chances to get high traffic on your blog.

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Blog title should be easy to remember, relevant to your content and catchier than your competitors’ blog title.

A good blog name should be

    • Unique
    • Easily Pronounceable
    • Readable
    • Memorable
  • Concise

Here are some simple and effective rules to follow while you are going to select your blog name:

Be Specific, Avoid Generic

When you are selecting blog name, go with the specific word, not with general words. For example, my blog name is Complete Marketing Blog, which describes the specific purpose of my blog.

Blog Name Must Explain Content

Blog name should be relevant to blog content. It should describe that what content is inside.

My blog name is Complete Marketing Blog and content uploaded on my blog covers all aspects of marketing, including business, marketing, internet marketing, blogging, how to make money, SEO, and each and everything which has relation with marketing.

Blog title should be as people read and know what this blog all about is.

Blog Name Must be Easy to Remember

Blogging is all about passion. Only passionate people start it and passionate people follow it.

People who follow blogs are those you actually love blogging as well as love learning.

Make their efforts easy. Select your blog title easy, which your followers can easily remember and can use your blog name in routine talks.

Complete Marketing Blog is very easy to remember and tells everyone that I am a marketing blog. The one who love marketing come and read me.

Blog Name Must be Same as Domain Name

This rule is often ignored by people, probably because discovering a suitable domain that has not been registered yet is a very difficult task.

I couldn’t find a decent domain for my next blog for the last 2 months.

But if you try to manage and got domain related to your blog name, you can attract more readers.

Complete Marketing Blog has domain relevant to blog title and that is (Marketing Information).

Although this is another problem that domain name is not for free and if you have a free blog you cannot and will not try to purchase it but still it is a good technique to enhance your blog reputation on a search engine.

Use Abbreviations

Creative blog name can be an abbreviation of the long name. For example, a blog has name MTB Blog.

M-my, B-blogger, and T-tricks. Abbreviations make blog easy to remember and more attractive.

Long keyword containing blog titles can use abbreviations.

Use your own name

Many bloggers select their own name as a blog name. For example, Neil Patel has a blog named

At the beginning of blogging career, it is not recommended that you start your blog on your name.

It is because human named blog does not describe what it is. If you don’t know who Neil Patel is, how will you know what his blog about?

Once you have lots of followers then you can start a blog on your own name and your readers will love to read anything from you.

Neil Patel started this blog recently when he became guru in blogging industry.

Use a Word Generator

Using word generating software is essential to select blog title. There are many software available which suggest different words when detail description inserted on it. You can type your ideal description on one of above mention software and get your desire name.

No matter how you find your blog name, anything which matters most is the name. Select blog title which is unique, easy to remember, describe blog theme and specific.

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