Content Marketing: Best Shots from Neil Patel

Content Marketing: Best Shorts from Neil Patel
It’s all about content. Either you’re writer, blogger, movie maker or selling something.  What you’ve created for your audience is important, but how it delivers is critical: Content marketing strategy. When it comes blogging, the only thing you have to manage is your content. The Content, that is for your readers.
Bloggers, especially beginners, always look for tips from experts. How to set the directions for their blogs?

Content Marketing

What is content marketing, and how to design a content marketing strategy for the blog?
Content marketing institute explains content marketing as:
“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”
World famous content marketing master CopyBlogger explains it as:
“Content Marketing means creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. The type of content you share is closely related to what you sell; in other words, you’re educating people so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.”
Content Marketing Guru Neil Patel describes it as:
“Content marketing is a long-term strategy, based on building a strong relationship with your customers, by giving them valuable content that is highly relevant to them on a consistent basis.”
I am a big fan of Neil Patel. I’ve subscribed his blogs and I read almost every post he shares with me through emails. This is the content and his Content marketing strategy which makes me a loyal reader.
Neil Patel reveals his secrets in that how he became a successful blogger and content marketing strategist.
Content marketing is a very vast field. Make it easy for my readers, I’ve gathered best articles writer by Neil Patel on how can you make a content marketing strategy for your business or blog.
These articles made my Content marketing strategy journey easy.

Content marketing strategy Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Content marketing is not something new. Everything you’ve already done and keep doing in interaction with your customers/readers/viewers is part of content marketing. All you need to do is manage effectively.
Content Marketing guide: Best Shorts from Neil Patel
Setting up Content marketing strategy is crucial for your business/blog.
Here is the step-by-step guide on Content marketing strategy by Neil Patel. You can get loads of it.
This guide will give you insight about
  • What is content marketing?
  • Overview of content marketing
  • How to develop Content marketing strategy
  • Categories in Content Marketing (Offline, Online, and Hybrid)
  • Content marketing strategy for above discussed Categories
  • Real world examples of Content marketing strategy

This is How Content Marketing Can Work For Beginners

After reading a step-by-step guide about content marketing, this article is worth reading. Not only for beginners, but experts can take loads of new information.
“Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3x as many leads.”
Content Marketing is a continuous process and needs equal attention at every step. The important thing to know here is a better understanding of each step.
Content Marketing for begginer: Best Shorts from Neil Patel
Neil Patel started this process with “deciding who you’re going to serve’ and ended at “take return from content marketing.
Overview of this article is:
  • Decide who you’re going to serve
  • Understand what they really need
  • Know how to create what your audience needs
  • Know how to get your content in front of new people
  • Getting a return from your content marketing

7 Things First Time Bloggers can do to Create Industry Leading Content

If you’ve just opened the mystery box of the blogging, make sure you are clear minded. Make it clear to you that blogging is one of the best ways to reach the target audience.
Content Marketing: Best Shorts from Neil Patel
All you have to do is working on content. Content marketing strategy needs your special efforts to work smoothly.
Here are 7 important things you should apply immediately in Content marketing strategy:
  • Research your industry
  • Create a Content Calendar
  • Master the skyscraper technique
  • Create killer Titles
  • Get feedback from industry influencers
  • Use the Hemingway App
  • Write, Walk Away, and Write Again

5 Content Marketing Trends That You Should Leverage in The Next Year

Content Marketing has gained remarkable acceptance by the web industry but the problem is most businesses don’t have the patience to wait for next 6 months to see traffic towards their websites.
Content Marketing Trends: Best Shorts from Neil Patel
Businesses fail to enjoy fruitful Content marketing strategy’s results because of early failure of the implementation of data-backed decisions. So, when they find it difficult to measure ROI, they abandon content marketing altogether.
In this article, 5 most successful content marketing strategies are discussed with data, statistics and case studies to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Consumers are ready to pay for educating content
  • Online video is the fastest-growing content marketing trend
  • Consider a paid distribution to make an impact with your content
  • Data-backed decision making for your content marketing efforts is necessary
  • Personalization can be incredibly helpful in increasing conversions
Your content should actually resonate with your audience. Big data on customer behavior is a good starting point for tweaking your strategy.

5 Content Marketing strategies for Picking Topics and Setting Goals

Deciding topics for a post is complicated? it is, when you don’t know who you’re creating it for.
Once you know your readers, select the goals behind this writing. Goals can be different, i.e. lead generation, sales, and lead nurturing, brand awareness or engagement and customer loyalty.
Content Marketing Strategy: Best Shorts from Neil Patel
After setting the goal, it would be easy for you to generate content for your readers.
In this blog post, Neil Patel reveals 5 easy content marketing strategies for choosing topics and setting goals.
Key points of this blog post are:
  • Set a goal for each piece of content
  • Match content with the different stages in the buying cycle
  • Choose topics based on your audience’s needs
  • Balance different content types
  • Be intentional about the format
To get more insight, read the article here.


How to Use Multiple Content Formats to Diversify Your Traffic

Entertaining customers in a way, that handsome sales can be generated from them is the ultimate goal of the content marketer.
Retaining customers is difficult, but not impossible.
Content Marketing: Best Shorts from Neil Patel
Maybe you are blogging to attract some customers, and you succeed in your strategy. But how can you guarantee that blogging is sufficient for all the target market?
Every customer is different to others. He thinks differently, he acts and reacts differently. The goal of a content marketer should design a comprehensive strategy to consider each and every single target customer’s needs.
Neil Patel reveals that why different content formats are necessary for different types of customers. Moreover, he explained multiple content formats, their use, and benefits of the use of each content format.
According to this article, different content formats are:
  • Video
  • Whitepapers
  • Webinars
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • Case Studies
  • Podcasts
This article is also important because of the statistics used in it. Statistics from the real world can help you a lot of understanding that how much multiple content format is necessary while designing a Content marketing strategy.

Follow These Long Form Content Examples to Boost Your Rankings

Blog post length is a most discussed issue now these days in the blogging industry.
Do you remember those days when content quality and length don’t matter at all? It was a long time ago, but now the scenario has been changed.
Content Marketing: Best Shorts from Neil Patel
As long as Google has focused more on content quality, content length is automatically associated with it. Why? Because long form contents have more information than 600-800 words blog post.
It doesn’t mean unnecessarily lengthy content attracts search engine more. Search Engines are now focusing narrowly focused topics with detailed information.
“You have to create long form content, meaning 2000+ word, and high-quality blog posts.”
Generating lengthy content isn’t easy. It takes the time to research more about the topic and rephrase it in your words.
The better way to generate lengthy content is to make guides. Let’s stop here and do some research.
Open Google and type guide on SEO. You will see by yourself that each guide contains more than 4 pages and above 3000 words.
In this article Neil Patel explained why long form content is important and how to create long-form content? He also mentioned some great examples of long-form content with their success ratio.

How to Double Your Traffic by Finding the Low-Hanging Fruit in Your Blog Archives

Besides working on new content, are you focusing on existing one? No?  Brian Dean does.
There’s no blogging rule that says that you can’t republish an old piece of content. This is your content and you’ve right to get maximum gain from it.
Content Marketing: Best Shorts from Neil Patel
In an Inbound AMA, Brian even shared that re-publishing a page with 75% new content shot his rankings from #7 to #2 overnight (for his target keyword).
Meanwhile, when 2 Million blog posts are published per day, generating new content is quite difficult.
Hundreds of other bloggers are writing on the same topic.
What to do in this scenario? Either produces the content above all competitors or rephrase your old content with the latest information.
Updating old content is easy because it’s already getting some traffic. As the time passed, information became outdated and loose readers’ focus.
Make sure your best content remains on the top, in other words, produce evergreen content.
Here are tips explained in this article that how to find less juicy content in your blog archive and get double results from them:
  • Write a follow-up to a popular piece on your blog
  • Retain the audience that comes to read your new content with “Related Posts”
  • Get inside the searcher’s head and deliver on their expectations
  • Update old content with fresh info and republish it with a marketing spin
It’s all about getting more visitors so why don’t you try these awesome strategies and get good results.

5 Reasons Your Content Doesn’t Attract Links (and How You Can Fix It)

A common problem most of the content marketers face is that their composed content doesn’t attract other marketers so that they can link it with their writings.
 99.2% of sites that show up on the top search results have at least one external link.
Backlinks are important in SREP ranking. Linking back to other websites is not as straightforward as it used to be. 5 or 10 years ago, Link manipulation was one of the popular Black Hat SEO techniques.
Content Marketing: Best Shorts from Neil Patel
Because of updates in Google algorithm, it is not possible to use Black Hat SEO techniques.
2 Million Blog posts are written daily, (enough posts to fill Time Magazine for 770 years) and everyone tries hard to attract healthy backlinks. Not all succeed in link building, in fact, most fail.
So, why not your content is attracting links? Maybe you are missing something or doing this process wrong?
Neil Patel investigated 5 things in link building process. Give a thorough read to this article and know which element you are missing in link building strategy.
Overview of this article:
  • Your content is not on the mark
  • You don’t try (enough)
  • You request the wrong blogs
  • Your way of asking for links is flawed
  • Your request email is ineffective
Each one of the above-discussed steps is critical is for link building strategy.

Plagiarism Isn’t Flattering: How to Deal With Scrapers Who Copy Your Original Content

You put your best efforts to dig out the latest information, investigate the core of the topic, create a masterpiece of writing, and finally published it for your readers.
That’s good! What’s next?
A Scraper is waiting for your new article. Without any delay, he will copy your content and paste it on his own website/blog and publish.
How to avoid others from copying your content
Surely, he will steal your traffic, and most importantly, there are chances that Google index his site and ranked it before even knowing that you’ve created this article initially.
What does it mean?
It means you’ve copied this content. Google may put a penalty on you and kick you out from the search ranking.
So, a scraper can hamper your brand and rope in traffic from your hard work.
The question is how to deal with these copycats? You can’t stop others to steal your content but you can fight with them and use this situation in your own favour.
In this article, some tricks are discussed that how to make duplicate content favourable for you.
Important points are:
  • Generously perform internal linking in all of your articles, monitor incoming links using Google Webmaster Tools
  • Set up link attribution for your copied content
  • File a DMCA complaint with the hosting provider of the scraper and later with search engines
Not only methods are discussed in this article, but also the use of different codes and application.
To take the maximum juice from your content, make sure no one is stealing your content, and if someone is stealing, get the benefit from them too.


Setting up content marketing strategy is not so difficult, but it takes some time to deliver success.
Content Marketing Strategy needs equal attention in each phase; researching, designing,
implementing and evaluating content strategy and above all monitoring industry trends. I believe this blog post covers maximum aspects of the content marketing.
What do you know about content marketing? I would love to hear about it in the comments below. 

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