8 Common Mistakes You Must NOT Make on Your Resume

Resume Mistakes, Common resume mistakes

Did you know, 61% of recruiters will dismiss a resume because it contains typos? 43% of hiring managers will disqualify applicants because of their spelling mistakes.

A single mistake can prevent you from moving ahead.

Before applying for job, proof read your resume not once, not twice, even thrice but zillion times.

It is very easy for recruiters to put resume in the dust bin and move forward.

It is you, who have to force recruiters to short list you through your resume.

Resume is Powerful Tool

Resume is not just a paper with your bio data and information about your education and job history, rather than it is document which describes you who you are behind your back.

Resume is powerful tool, which asks its reader to invite this person and meet face to face.

These 8 common mistakes, you must avoid while you are writing your resume:

Email Address

Use email address which is active. Always use professional constructed email address. Email address with your name gives professional look.

For example, my email address is mhassibgul@gmail.com which carries my name and gives professional look. Email address like jungleprince@gmail.com or momsprinces@gmail.com shows immaturity of candidate.

You can have personal and professional email address separately.

Write only one email address on resume. Never write multi email addresses in  the  address bar when you’re  sending resume.

Tip: Check your emails three times in a day to give quick response.

Mailing Address

When you take help from internet or resume making software, they often include all the unnecessary details like permanent address and temporary address.

No need to write multiple mailing addresses. Recruiter will not check your residence address.

Some experts says there is no need to write residence address in resume when you already added email address.

Its internet era and everyone wants to be contacted online. When you get your job, company will ask your further information including residence address.

Proofread Your Resume

Proof read you resume three times before applying for the job. 43% resume rejected just due to spelling and grammar mistakes.

Re-re-check the spellings  and  grammar  yourself. You can take help from your friends, colleagues and relatives for proofreading.

Most of us rely on Microsoft’s program MS Office for spelling and grammar. MS Office is good for spelling but difficult to manage grammatical errors.

For example, MS Office doesn’t differentiate between career and carrier.


Achievements and Accomplishments

While writing job experiences, most candidates write their job descriptions (JD). Who cares what you have done in previous company.

The recruiter needs a candidate having experience to handle situations and solutions. JDs are common in industry.

Everyone knows the JD of sales executive. What you have achieved for last company is important.

Always mention achievements and accomplishments instead of job description and responsibilities.

Resume MIstakes, CV

Remove Non-Value added Stuff

To look resume lengthy, most candidates include stuff which add no value. First of all important thing to note here is that resume length is not important at all.

Length of resume will depends on professional career. A candidate who is just going to start his career cannot make lengthy resume because he has no experience yet.

New-comers then add irrelevant stuff. For example reading novels or listening music in hobby section, or career objectives.

Some experts claim that no need to add personal information in resume i.e. religion, cast, blood group or hobbies. If any company demands, then anything can be added.

Resume Font Size & Style

A common mistake seen in most resumes is its font size and style. Font style should be smooth and easy to understand.

Professional look comes with font style and resume design. Simple font style like New Time Roman or Calibri are best for resume.

As for as font size concerns, consider two aspects: reading on computer and reading on paper. Select font size which is easy to read.

Small font size difficult to read and large font size gives inappropriate look. Resume after print changes font size so consider this issue too.

Resume Design

You have managed font size and style but did you consider resume design too? When someone looks at resume, he wants to see every information clear.

Do not use different shades, boxes, columns, tables and color. Write simple and easy to read resume. Don’t add things which make resume difficult to read.

If you ever see any corporate document, you will come to know that every paper gives decent and professional look through its design.

Remember your resume is corporate document. Yes if you are applying for fashion designing, you can add art work.

No Password

In this era, every employer is online and invites resume through emails, because it is easy to manage work online rather than offline.

That’s why everyone ask to apply for the job online. While clicking on send button of your email address, make sure that your resume is not password protected.

Deleting is easier than contacting  you  for opening permission.

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These easy tips can increase you chance of being short listed. Before writing resume, make sure you know the latest trends in job application.

If you can manage to investigate particular company’s trends, it will even increase more chances of shortlisting.

Share this article to your friends, family and colleagues to let them know latest trends in resume writing.

Share your thoughts on this article and let us know which one tip is more important.

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