Business Strategy and Wolf pack

Business Strategy and Wolf packWolf pack is the group of wolf that lives, eats, and feeds together like a family. Their traveling is an interesting phenomenon. They always travel in specific technique which called wolf pack strategy. They always walk in line. As shown in picture, three wolfs are on the face of line (showing in yellow circle). These three wolfs are older than remaining, setting the pace of whole group. With life experience, they direct the group where to walk, when to walk and stop. Simply there are the directors of wolf pack. After three members, next five are the strongest pillars of whole group (in the red box).

They are here for taking care of the whole group from front side. In the center, remaining members of the group, small, big, weak, and strong. At the end of the line, again 5 most strong members of the group, protecting group from the back side. Last one, alone, alpha wolf (blue arrow). It controls everything from the rear. That position can control the whole group, decide the direction to follow, anticipate the attacks from opponents. The pack follows the rhythm of the elders & the head of command that imposes the spirit of mutual help not leaving anyone behind.

Wolf Pack Strategy

Every business runs with a strategy or mix of different strategies. Start with market research, product development, employees’ management, sales and marketing activities, and business evaluation. A successful business needs perfect strategy or plan to run profitably. Wolf Pack strategy can be the best strategy for any business. How to implement wolf pack strategy in business? Read further article.

What Business Need?

Every business manages by a manager. Manager can be the owner of business or chief executive. A good manager can lead the business successfully. Role of manager in business is very important as every strategy, plan and activity must approved by him and he is the responsible of everything done in the business. It means, first thing business needs a good manager. Take a look at the picture; you can see blue arrow pointing towards the last member of wolf pack. He is deciding the direction. He is the manager of wolf pack. He is controlling everything efficiently. Chief executive needs a team of people (directors) to run business efficiently. Directors research, analyzed, make and implement strategies. You can see three wolfs in yellow circle. They got enough experience to run the whole business of wolf pack. They are leading from the front, making strategies and implementing successfully. They are true directors of wolf pack.

Business Strategy and Wolf pack

The five strongest participant of wolf pack are in red box. Just behind the directors, strongest members are taking care of the whole group from the front. Same like wolf pack, business also needs some strong, educated, efficient, experience and market oriented personals, either they can be sales executives, marketing executives or operational executives. These help business to compete in the market. They implement strategies effectively. They take care of whole business. Not everyone in the business team is strong, experienced and competitive. Some are newbie’s, some are master in one field and some are in other. It should be the goal of directors and
chief executive to take care of all and bring everybody with them. Just like wolf pack, the remaining members of group are within the strongest sub groups. Follow the spirit of mutual help not leaving anyone behind. Management should work on week and average participants so that they can get success and achieve their own goals.


Considering the wolf pack strategy, a perfect business strategy, any business can step up forward and grows. Efficient chief executive or leader, with the help of experienced directors/managers and the experts can take business on the path of success. Follow basic rules. First only a leader can lead efficiently. Hire experienced employees to do best in the business. Take everyone with you. Motivate them and not let hem behind.Got any questions? Or maybe, have something to add? Please leave a comment below and tell us what you’re thinking. Cheers 🙂

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