Bollywood Star Aamir Khan uses Google for promotion of his movie Talaash!

Bollywood Star Aamir Khan uses Google for promotion of his movie Talaash!

Promotion is a necessary part of marketing and without this every business even every activity remains less than half of it total.  Now with the continuously changing in market situation and progressing very quickly, in is become necessary for movies also to get massive promotion before launching of it. Different promotional strategies previously used in promotion of movies in Hollywood and now this trend turn his face to the Bollywood.

New promotional trends in Bollywood

Bollywood intellectual super star Amir Khan always uses very different promotions strategies for his movies from the entire Bollywood industry. Again doing the same thing, think out-of-the box promotion strategy, for his new upcoming blockbuster movie Talaash. Aamir Khan is going to use search engine giant Google. The marketing team for Talaash is in touch with search engine giant Google in India. If everything goes well and conversation goes according to well then on India Google homepage, the ‘search button’ on Google page will show in Urdu ‘Talaash button’. (Translation of search in Urdu is Talaash). Google will replace the search button with Talaash button for a short period of time leading up to the release.
This deal will likely be signed in coming week. Just imagine, “What could be better than using the world’s biggest search engine? If everything goes well, it will start after Diwali, and continue till November 30 releasing date of Talaash,” says a member of marketing team of Talaash. Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan is always known to be very smart about marketing tactics for promotions of his movies. It was he who decided to roll out Talaash promotions post Diwali, after the two big releases — Jab Tak Hai Jaan from Shahrukh Khan and Son of Sardaar from Ajay Devgon— have fought it out.
Bollywood Star Aamir Khan uses Google for promotion of his movie Talaash!
According to marketers this is also a great marketing strategy to let down big competitors and let the both parties fight among themselves. With this emerging trend in Bollywood, now Google has advantage to promote itself in a huge market India.
This situation easily tell us that how much important every activity need promotion. A lesson from this article is that always think unique and out-of-box. Using promotional strategies effectively means you are leader of the scene.
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