9 Ways to Earn Money Online

9 Ways to Make Money Online

Wait for a minute and imagine something……….

Imagine you have income statement in your hand showing six figure amount, probably $4,32,100 for the last month and all came from internet. Don’t you want to convert this Imagination into reality? Don’t you want to Earn Money Online?

If someone ask this question from me. I will desperately say yes! Yes! Yes!

Running a business from home is dream for everyone Internet gives you this opportunity.

I understand after reading post title, you thought this is similar crap you have clicked before. Let me tell you something. May be this piece of information is same like you have read before, but this writing has some goal to give practical direction to reach six figure monthly income from online source.

Earn Money Online

We have Started Training Program, step by step on how to earn money online. We will cover all aspect. This is very first article and has strong importance because this article will give you vision and motivation and deep insight that how you can make money online?

Here are different ways to earn money online. All are explained on real ground.


As key word explains itself, freelancing your expertise. There are many online platforms available where you can work as a freelancer. Anyone who needs something to do, posts his project.

Freelancers bid for that project. Advertisers approved bid and make agreement and allow freelancer to start work on project.

make money with freelancing

Upwork.com, and Freelancer.com  are common platforms. Every site has interface but theme in back end is same for all. Skills like writing and editing, web development, app development, designing, logo making are very famous in freelancing service.

Making money online as a freelancer is quite easy because you just have to know any skill. Most of people earn money with their hobbies.

If you have expertise listed on website, you can make account, participate in bidding process accept project and get paid.

Micro Work

This is also a freelancing activity but for those who don’t have professional skills. Starters can also earn money with website Microworkers.com that provide facility to make an account on it.

Make money with microwork

When you get registered, you can start working. You can be asked to make free accounts on different sites, visit different websites or write product reviews. You will be paid for every activity.

On Fiverr.com you can create your GIG there and sell it

For example I will make custom song for you or I will wear your company shirt or I will comment on different places about your company and products. Letter head can be designed. Some other ideas like make app, make CV or cover photos.

Pay per click websites (PPC)

These websites gather link of other companies for advertisement and allow their register users to click and watch ads. By clicking on links and watch full ads you can earn money.

You will be paid very less amount but you can be registered to many sites at same time to earn money online.

Caution:  There are many PPC websites who commit fraud. They initially charged some amount to make an account and then run away. Be aware of these fraud PPC websites.

E-Commerce Business

Like Amazon and Ebay, you can create your own e-commerce website. For this purpose, you have to invest money on developing website and purchasing goods stock.

Mostly companies like software houses make such websites to increase their earning parallel to their primary work. Daraz.pk and Kaymu.pk allows dealers to make an account on their website and sell their products.

You can sell products on different websites or you can develop websites on same model and earn money.

Take Surveys

Many websites pay to their users to complete surveys. Companies need research data and contact different websites to gather that data.

These companies based on information draw survey form. User complete these surveys and earn money. You can register yourself on websites, complete survey forms, submit and get paid, like SwagBucks, OpinionOutPost and Survey Monkey.


Start YouTube Channel

YouTube is a video website owned by famous search engine Google. Anyone can upload his video on it. Google now pays money to those who have large amount of views on their videos.

You tube is great platform of earning money for you. All you have to do is think of topic, you love to express.

make money with youtube

Go to YouTube.com and search you topic. See videos on that topic. Find gap, what you can create new. Make video and upload on you tube. Share it with your friends, family, classmates, and colleagues or even with industry experts.

Get views on videos and subscribers on your you tube`s channel. Once you have enough subscribers, you can ask you tube to show ads on your videos and earn money.

There are some technical details about how to earn money with your channel and how to get AdSense Account. You must know these information before working on YouTube channel.

Besides ads income, you can earn money through many other ways:

YouTube Red: You can earn money through you tube red subscription. People pay money for watching videos without ads.

Fan Funding: In some region you tube allows subscribers to pay directly to support channels.

Working with Brand: Brands and ad Agencies always look for popular channels to promote their products and services.

Merchandising: You can sell your products through videos.

Test Websites

You will be paid for testing websites. Remote usability testing means getting paid to navigate a website for the first time and giving feedback to owner.

For example I have made website and want someone to give feedback. User will review my website.

Many websites including UserTesting, WhatUserDo, YouEye give facility to post project on them.

Users take projects as per their choice and evaluate thoroughly, give feedback and earn money.


If someone talk about how to earn money online and ignore blogging, he does not know about internet.

This is Blog where you right now.

Blog is where you can write your ideas consistently. There is difference between blog and website.

make money with blogging

Blog is a chronological list of article/blog post. Blog needs to be updated regularly.

Blog is commenting system that invites readers to participate in communication. Blog post are archived by date, category, author, tags and sub categories.

Whereas website collection of webpages. You can attach blog to website.

You can start different types of blog i.e. writing blogs, photo blogs, video blog and Info-Graph blog. Popular blogging platforms are WordPress and blogger.

Select a topic you love to write. Start writing and publishing blog posts. Gather interviews and increase page views. Once you have enough page views and subscriber, you can monetize your blog.

Earn Money Online with Blog

There are many ways to earn money through blog:

Advertisement: Many websites like Google AdSense, Chitika or Media.net give advertisement to publishing websites/blog.

For Google AdSense, you have to create your account and submit your request. Google will review your website and approve your account. Once Google AdSense account approved, you can start displaying ads on your blog and get paid.

Tip: Blog must contain original content. (Google don’t approve copy content).

Affiliate program: Under this method, you will promote other products on your blog. Anyone who buy product through your blog, you will be paid in term of commission.

Many websites like Amazon, Flexoffers and CJ Affiliate run affiliate program for publishers.

Membership Area: Once you have enough blog following who believe your content is worth reading you can develop content for them against some fee. Only premium account holder can access that content.

You can create webinar, book, video training and even personal coaching for premium members.

Direct Advertisement: Some companies give direct advertisement to high visited blog and website. If you have large amount of visitors, you can get direct advertisement.

complete marketing blog

Sponsorship Post: Companies always look for blogs who have large fan following. They paid them to write about their products. These posts are called Sponsorship Posts.

For example if I write about web development. Someone can pay me to write their services.

Products and Services: Parallel to other income sources, you can sell your own products and services. Services like writing services, SEO experts, web development and graphic designing can be sold.

Further Reading:

Start a Website

Start your own website and earn money. Through website you can sell your own products and services.

For example you have developed training programs and sell through your website.

You can create E-books, videos for your customers. You can develop apps and sell it to your customers.

Website requires technical knowledge about how to create website and technical knowledge about which product will you sale.

If you have passion to work you will find the way. If you want to Earn Money Online, you can use any of above method.

If you think some idea is missing please do share your thoughts with our beloved readers. Share this piece of writing with your close one and help other 🙂

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