Sales man is your asstes. retain it if you have wish to get success.In currently economy situation, companies cannot afford their top talent migration to other companies. Selling is such a difficult task and not everyone can do this job. For standing against companies. Selling is such a difficult task and not everyone can do this job. For standing against competitors in current down market, need to keep sales force happy and engaged. With satisfied sales force it is easy to get success in the market. Although employees have very fewer opportunities to get another job in another company but organization would not consider this as a weakness and would not let employees alone and dissatisfied. Companies with less care of employees retention and they think that economy give them a strength, what are they doing?

Major reasons of quitting salesmen their job is being dissatisfied; with organization’s culture, with market situation, with their standing in an organization or most important dissatisfaction with supervisor or manager. Numbers of solutions are available for above problems. If you like organization then in large organization you could have opportunities to move another territory or other post due to dissatisfaction with supervisor.

Appreciation is not only way to motivate salesman

Motivation by words is not enough. Just encouraging sales man on achieving targets is insufficient. You must give other facilities like paid vocation days, office parties, bonuses. At different stages, sales force needs different type of motivation. Junior salesman may consider bonus as a motivation with appreciation. B2B salesperson may consider rewards as motivation. There are "two concerns mostly happened with sales force at any specific time: there are 'shoves,' things that demotivate sales personals, and other are 'tugs,' the things that motivate you. While it could be different for employee to employee. 

Keep the sales force satisfied at any level

It is quite difficult to discover the motivation source for your sales force when their likes and dislike differ from company overall motivation strategy. Management makes sometime mistake about judging the way how salesman motivate. CEO at Engage Direct Mail said that I got painful leaning after wasting my 10 years in wrong judgment. I assumed everyone motivate by money as I’m motivated by money. Keep your sales force satisfied by applying different methods. Make overall police according to employee’s level. Even make company culture motivated. Use of different tools for satisfaction like proper training, up gradation, increase in pay, appreciation in front of other.  

Hire right sales person for the job

Selling is difficult task and not everyone can do this. You need to hire most appropriate sales person for the job. Company business nature affect the salesman nature. In B2B context, salesman should be long term focused, stable and steady. Right salesman more motivated and satisfied and agree to work for long term. For hiring right salesman use simple techniques. Hire employees who is living near to office. Use different vocation policies for attracting right person. Let salesperson choose his own days. Allow Sales force to do their work with their own selected time and space. Use different personality test during the hiring process. Give short term, medium and long term goals according to job nature. 

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